Third Yahrtzeit of Leiby Kletzky z”l


leiby-kletzkyLeiby Kletzky’s countenance remains etched in the hearts of Yidden across the globe, who will never forget the summer of 2011, when the news of his tragic petirah became known.

Today, 11 Tammuz, marks three years since his passing.

Leiby’s matzeivah at the Washington Cemetery in Deans, NJ – with an acrostic identifying him by his name, Yehudah ben Nachman – describes Leiby as a “yeled nechmad vena’im yorei vetomim,” calling him a “korban tzibbur” and describing how all of Klal Yisroel was moved to tefillah and teshuvah as a result of his heartbreaking petirah.

May Leiby’s neshamah continue to have an aliyah, and may Reb Nachman and Itta Kletzky, along with their children and extended family, have a nechamah.

Tehei nishmaso tzerurah b’tzroro hachayim.

{Noam Newscenter}



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