To Reb Gavriel

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gavriel-sassoonDear Rabbi Sassoon,

Although I do not know you personally, our souls are bound closely together as all neshamos of acheinu beis yisrael are. I will not try to console you, as I don’t believe any human truly can. That job can be done only by Hashem, the Great Consoler, and if we listen closely to the tides of our broken hearts, we can hear the faint Whisper echoing, “nachamu, nachamu ami”. All I am writing to tell you is that I am crying with you, that all of klal Yisrael is crying with you. I think i can speak for everybody when I say that we do not merely feel your pain, but rather the pain has become our own. I would like to let you know that your precious neshamos have brought about a tremendous movement of teshuvah and re-commitment to Hashem and yiddishkeit. Sometimes it is when we look at ourselves through tear-filled eyes that we see ourselves the clearest. We have been shaken by a shofar blast that has reached the very core of our being, “Uru y’sheinim mishinaschem!” “Wake up!” And each member of our glorious nation has. On whatever level, each of us has woken up from great slumber in which we live. Each of us has woken up to Torah, to Tefillah, to new levels of Emunah and bitachon in the Master of the world. The zechus of your children, aleihem hashalom, cannot be imagined. They are sitting in the highest place in Gan Eden, protecting klal Yisrael with thier merit; seven sparkling stars in our night sky.

The seforim teach that each Jew contains a portion of every other Jew within him, “kol Yisrael areivim zeh la’zeh”. Rabbi Sassoon, I know in my heart of hearts that although your neshamos have been taken from this world, that little portion of each of them which exists within every member of klal Yisrael has remained, and is shining brighter than ever. Klal Yisrael would like you to know that your children live on inside our hearts, inside our souls, as part of each and every Jew’s essence, imploring us to follow in their way, coaxing us to wake up and grow. Your children are now Klal Yisrael’s children.

“Elleh toldos Noach, Noach ish tzaddik…” Rashi comments that a person’s actions are his offspring. Every single act of avodas Hashem that your beautiful children have inspired can be attributed to none other than yourself. The thousands of hours of learning, the fervent prayers, the tearful resolutions of teshuva… these are now your offspring. These actions surround and support you, helping you walk the long road of recovery ahead. These are your offspring, the fruits of your precious children, and “bnei banim harei hem k’banim.”

Rabbi Sassoon, my wish is that Hashem grant you the strength to recover and rebuild. My hope is that you remember that all of am Yisrael is standing by your side, holding your hand now and forever. May the light of these seven pure Menorah lamps shine onto a brighter future. May these seven messengers carry out their task of waking Moshiach and letting him know his time has come, “ki va moed.” May we be soon reunited with these precious souls, beacons in the dark, in an everlasting future of joy and only revealed goodness.

Wishing you a healing Pesach,

Your Jewish brother



  1. every word is so true. We are all with the family in their pain and sorrow and are davening for the refuah shelaima for his wife and daughter.

    umeche H-ashem dima mikol ponim



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