Going on LIVE NOW: Between 6 – 8:30 PM – Charlie Harary Wants to Hear from YOU


Over the past decade, Project Inspire has inspired you with countless stories of regular people who have begun changing the world.

Tune in TODAY, Tuesday to projectinspire.com from 6-8:30PM for Project Inspire’s FREE Tisha B’Av Live Streaming Talk Show with Charlie Harary. What do YOU think is the missing link to the geula? Share your thoughts by emailing us at radio@projectinspire.com for a chance to join us live on the program! Guest presenters include Rabbi Mordechai Twerski, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, Rabbi Yisroel, Jungreis, and Rabbi Chaim Sampson.

Ignite your Tisha B’av by going to www.projectinspire.com or call in at 605-562-4400.



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