Toms River Police Looking For Auxiliary Police Officers


The Toms River Police Department are seeking Auxiliary Police Officers to add to the force.

Auxiliary Police Officers operate within a volunteer branch of the Office of Emergency Management and work with the Toms River Police Department to reduce safety hazards, assist in emergency or disaster situations, as well as other situations outlined by the Chief of Police.

If anyone is looking to fulfill their dreams of finally becoming an officer of the law, contact Officer Brian Jarka at for more information on signing up. Read more here.



  1. are any yidden that are living in toms river ready to join? this would be great as it would show community working together & wouuld remove the hate they have for all the hundreds of jewish families moving in with them thinking that we are trying to take over the town.

    Lakewood already has their own auxiliary cops volunteers under the name LCSW (Lakewood civilian safety watch) that help with many of the services mentioned above from traffic direction to parking guidance to emergency searches etc…

    • Unfortunately, the haters will always hate us no matter what we do. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to join, but don’t be disillusioned when the hate continues.


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