Tragedy in Boro Park: Ten-Year-Old Girl Killed in Accident, Mother Gives Birth to Daughter Shortly Thereafter


candle[Update below. Video here.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of a ten-year-old girl following an accident in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

The girl, Blima Friedman, was a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov and Sarah Friedman of Boro Park.

The girl was walking with her mother at 60th Street and 18th Avenue at about 9:15 p.m. Tuesday evening when she was hit by a Honda Odyssey. She was pinned under the vehicle. Hatzolah paramedics arrived quickly to extricate the girl and treat her.

The girl was taken to Maimonides Medical Center, where her petirah was confirmed.

The driver, a 22-year-old male, was questioned by police.

The 33-year-old Mrs. Friedman, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy, was immediately taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where she delivered a healthy baby girl. She is said to be in stable condition.

Levaya details will be posted once they are finalized.

Umachah Hashem dimah meial kol ponim.

See video report here.

Update: The levaya will be held on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at Shomre Hadas Chapels in Boro Park, followed by kevurah in Floral Park, NJ.

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  1. BDE
    What a terrible tragedy to occur.

    TEARS are rolling down my cheeks as I write this sad message R”L which could have been totally avoided.

    think this is bad? it only gets worse R”L..

    look at the recent children tragedies Niftar over the last few weeks.

    1)Chaya Zissel Braun a”h,-daughter of Shmuel Elimelech of Yerushalyim -Killed by Hamas terrorist driving into train accident-October 22 2014-3 months

    2)youth traveling on roller blades in Bnei Brak slammed into a parked vehicle and was killed- October 25 2014

    3)Adina Pliver-daughter of Gavriel & Daniella of Lakewood-October 25 2014-5 months old

    4)Shalom Baadani-Riding his bike to Kosel in Jerusalem & hit by terrorist car-November 7 2014-17

    5)Dalia Lamkus-of Tekoa Israel-attacked by Arab stabbing her-November 10 2014-25

    6)Almog Yissocher Shiloni-of Modi’in Israel-attacked by Arab stabbing him-November 10 2014-20

    7)Moshe Schreiber-son of Dovid & Rochel of Lakewood-infant unresponsive, apparently from SIDS-YESTERDAY-December 1 2014-3 months old

    Do YOU remember these very recent tragedies?

    Look at their young ages & the ways they were Niftar. in such a short span of time.
    do YOU think this is coincidence?


    NO MORE SIGNS OF TRAGEDIES NEEDED FROM HASHEM if we all start teshuva NOW we won’t need any more of these tragic wake-up calls from Hashem

    May her neshama have an Aliya

    Will we ever wake up? is there any hope for us? if we haven’t woken up yet after hundreds of non-stop tragedies R”L occurring will we ever?

    Let me know if YOU are ready to do teshuva together with klal yisroel so this can stop already & mashiach can come Bim’heira

  2. lets not make lists, because they tend to minimize the individual human suffering of each family, parents, grandparents, neighbors and classmates etc.. right now lets think about all those affected by the tragedy of this little friedman girl. we should try to go to sleep at night more worthy people, better people, more thoughtful people than we were at the start of our day, and may the knowledge of so many people who feel their pain in some way provide some Nechama to those directly affected by this tragedy

  3. this is terrible and the man driving the van who killed the girl is a muslim arab

    and he had an outstanding warrant for a drug related arrest

    maybe the guy ran them over on purpose because they look like they are jewish

    the same family had a tradgedy on chanukah 2009 the twin girl of the girl who was killed by the car was terribly burned in their home fire when the chanukah menorah lit fire


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