Trump CIA Chief Is ‘Favorite’ To Replace Tillerson: Report


President Trump’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo has risen to the top of Trump’s list of possible replacements for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, according to a Politico report.

But White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah denied that Trump was considering any upcoming staffing changes, touting both Tillerson and Pompeo’s value to the Trump administration. Read more at The Hill.



  1. And the feeling of an unstable hate empire has continued to this story. Is Tillerson soon gone? I guess he did not swear “loyalty” strong enough to never make a comment to criticize.

    Herr Trump is so fragile that if the glass house he walks within just needed a window cleaner, he would break every pane.

    A massive impression on the young today. I wonder if half of them have ever seen American Democracy. Obama is too far out of the community.

    Swamp to drain might have been Trump’s own heart. A minor worth.


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