Trump Prides Himself On His Tweeting Abilities


President Trump defended his use of Twitter and writing style on Tuesday in a tweet slamming reporters for examining his messages for grammatical or spelling errors.

The president accused the mainstream media in the message of trying to “pour over” his tweets “looking for a mistake,” incorrectly using the phrase “pour over” (meaning to skip) instead of the phrase “pore over” (meaning to closely examine.)

“After having written many best selling books, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Fake News constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake,” he wrote.

“I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!” Trump added.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. I am it getting into this BUT the claim that he writes bestselling books is futile and easily refutable. There are editors and proofreaders who “PORE” over every word and sentence in a book with extreme scrutiny. It is possible that he spells incorrectly and they edit his words. Just saying…


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