Turkey Marmara Trial a “Cynical Political Process”


erdogan-turkeyTwo days before the restart of Turkey’s trial on Thursday in absentia of top Israeli military commanders regarding the May 2010 Marvi Marmara flotilla incident, a top Israeli government legal official said of the entire process, it’s “political, not really judicial. It looks judicial, but it’s really not.” The Israeli government to date has boycotted the proceedings, referring to the trial as a “kangaroo court.” The official said, “I don’t think the Turkish judge will go against the Turkish government’s” agenda of harming Israel’s image – “there is no chance.”

He said the court was completely ignoring the neutral and authoritative UN-sponsored Palmer Report on the incident, which held that Israel’s blockade was legal under international law and that in the altercations on the vessel, the Israel Navy sailors were under attack.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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