Two Days After Election, Trump Wins Arizona, Picks Up 11 More Electoral Votes


Donald Trump has won Arizona’s presidential contest and its 11 electoral votes.

The Republican president-elect had a solid lead over Hillary Clinton on election night, but a winner wasn’t declared because there were so many uncounted votes. The latest batch of returns tabulated Thursday made him the clear winner.

It extends a 20-year winning streak for Republican presidential candidates in Arizona. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to take the state, winning in 1996.

Hillary Clinton was closer to gaining Arizona than Barack Obama, who lost by more than 9 percentage points during his two runs for president. She is losing by 4 points.

Arizona was one of three races that had yet to be determined from the Tuesday election. Michigan and New Hampshire remain too close to call.

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  1. So does that also give the “Popular Vote” to Donald Trump?
    That might quiet some of the Clinton protesters and force them to look for something else to yell about.

    • Nope. Hillary currently has 574,064 more votes than Trump.

      But Trump has 290 electoral votes to Hillary’s 228 (270 needed to win).

  2. I do not particularly like the US electoral law but President Obama had all the time to change it, and for a while he also had the Congress majority. BTW imagine had there been a Bush-Gore 2000 scenario this year.


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