Two Officers Arrested For Lag Ba’Omer Assault In Meron


Two police officers were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a man in Meron during the Lag B’Omer celebrations. The Police Investigations Department opened the investigation after a complaint was filed by the victim, who claimed he was approached by the officers, who tried stopping him from boarding a bus departing the festivities.

According to complaint, the situation escalated into an altercation with the police officers, who kicked and cursed at the man. At some point, one of the officers warned his friend not to hit the complainant in the area of the bus, because the region is documented with many cameras. According to the complaint, the police did not let up and continued to insult the man when they heard him cry.

After being questioned by authorities, the two officers were released to house arrest, where they await further repercussions.

{Matzav Israel}


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