Tzig Sounds Off: Flip Flop Goes the Picture


the-photo-in-mishpacha-smallHershel Tzig reports:

A magazine this week saw fit to take a perfectly good picture and flip it around for no good reason. The result was making Jews who were so makpid on wearing their clothes buttoned right over left seem as if they didn’t care. How unthoughtful of them. Of what benefit was it to flip the picture? What was accomplished? I dare say that all it did was hurt people’s sensitivities without accomplishing anything at all.

Also, would someone please tell all the Charedi newspapers and magazines that writing “Rav” instead of “Reb” on every Rabbinic personality sounds cheesy and wrong. Even the old Artscroll biographies knew that it was silly to write Rav Yaakov when he was known as Reb Yaakov to all. I can just see it: “The Story of Rav Reuven,” it just sounds so wrong. Here too; there was no “Rav Burechel,” only Reb Burechel, and if you’re going to address his as he was lovingly called, Burechel, then do it right!

The original photo.
The original photo.

I’ll go out on a limb here and call for the return of two things to our culture that seem to be no more: the 3/4 jacket aka drei fertel rekkel, and the trips to resort towns. The jacket, pictured here, is a comfortable alternative to the very long and cumbersome lange rekkel, which was almost to the floor in those days. It’s old-fashioned, yet somewhat advanced, and a lot easier to wear on those hot summer days.

The same goes for the Rabbonim going to resort towns like this one here or Marienbad, Krenice etc. Today they go to Miami or the Catskills and hide amongst their people. Then they would

The photo that appeared in the magazine.
The photo that appeared in the magazine.

walk the streets with large crowds or at the very least a small entourage behind them. How great the kiddush hashem must’ve been then! Imagine going to Lake George and seeing a great Rebbe walking along the Main Street with a whole entourage! I say bring those times back!!!

{Hershel Tzig}

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  1. Firstly, I’m a munkatcher, and I take no offense at all.
    Secondly, why is matziv putting such an article in? Do we really need to call people out over a non-issue?

  2. In an article about Misaskim, there is a picture with a false caption underneath whcih stated “Yanky Myer at an accident scene on Ocean Pkwy.” The picture was not from Ocean Pkwy. If you look real close at the sign which is supposed to be “ocean pkwy” it looks to me like it says Beford Ave!

  3. Waste of time. Who cares? Personally I go for the old white straw hat look with the pea coats for sport jackets.

  4. oy vey this is terrible! the mag should be burned as it displays a lack of respect to jewish zachim! it is mamash kefirah (blasphamy) to show groiseh rabunim in aza oifen. Shame on you.

  5. I read Neptune Avenue on the sign (which intersects with Ocean Parkway), but the picture of the plane on fire isn’t Stewart Air Force Base it’s at the Port Authority Academy (as marked on the plane) perhaps in JFK.


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