Update: Shalhevet School Stays Open


school-desksBy Rabbi Zev Friedman
Baruch Hashem we have made tremendous strides over the past few days. Based on Wednesday night’s meeting, we have a wonderful group of talmidot for both the 9th and 10th grades. We have identified an excellent building to rent — and will save approximately $200,000 (we plan to sign a lease in the next few days). Our extremely generous parent body has donated over $150,000. The deficit has been covered. We are therefore pleased to announce that Shalhevet High School for Girls will open as originally scheduled!Our Chazal tells us that “Habah L’Taher Misayin Oso” — one who attempts to accomplish a meritorious act is aided (from Hashem). What has happened these past 10 days is testimony to the teachings of our sages.
The tireless efforts that so many of our Shalhevet parents invested, along with the generosity of so many, enabled our beloved yeshiva to stay open. I have no doubt that the experiences that we all went through and the happy ending that resulted from all of the teamwork will forge lifelong and unforgettable bonds between all the members of the Shalhevet family.

We look forward to many great years together.

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