Update: Super Bowl Ratings Miss Record


super-bowl-xlvii-in-the-superdome-in-new-orleansThough early numbers hinted that Sunday night’s Super Bowl may have been the most-watched TV event in history, final numbers reveal that ratings fell below 2012 and 2011 ratings.

Just over 108 million people tuned in for the big game, short of 2012’s 111.3 million and 2011’s 111.0 million. Viewership lulled during the 40-minute blackout, but tweeting spiked, with 231,500 posts per minute, the most of any game event. The second-most tweeted event was Jacoby Jones’s 108-yard kick return, a record of its own.

Beating them all was the halftime show, which inspired 5.5 million Tweets, a fifth of those sent over the course of the entire game. Read more at Deadline.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. If we think about it carefully, this is not “good” news for us. (Not enough of a decline to be defined as bad). It is to our benefit that Americans enjoy sports….

  2. sorry, but when you spoke about the learning and even discussed the blackout it was fine
    but this is too much (i think) for this jewish website
    anyone disagree?


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