Uptick in Palestinian Violence Restarts Cycle of Repercussions


idf soldier palestinianBy Zack Pyzer

Tuesday evening’s rocket attack on Israel by Islamic extremists in Gaza continued the tat-for-tat cycle of violence and repercussions between the two sides.

The latest rocket launch sent thousands of Israelis running for bomb shelters, as the projectile targeted the Yad Mordechai town in the south of the country.

While no damage was caused, as the rocket exploded in rural land, an ISIS affiliated group posted a picture online of the purported rocket used.

The rocket seemed to bear the markings M-75, a locally produced projectile with a range of 75km, which was often used by Hamas to target Tel Aviv.

In response to this attack, the IDF struck the launcher from which the rocket was fired. A hit was confirmed by the IDF Spokesperson.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, the Foreign Media Spokesperson, said “One day after UN report, Gaza remains a breeding ground for terror.”

“Tonight, Israeli civilians were forced to once again find shelter, fleeing the incessant, in-discriminating and intolerable attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip,” Lerner concluded.

The rocket attack and retaliation follows further violence in and around Jerusalem in recent days, which has resulted in the death of an Israeli civilian and injury to others.

In light of the increased tension, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that 500 travel permits for Palestinians to use Ben Gurion Airport were to be rescinded.

Israel also voided travel permits held by residents of Sair village. Sair is the home of an 18-year old, who stabbed an Israeli Police Guard on Sunday outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

The attack left the Police Officer critically injured, however the 20-year old managed to neutralize the terrorist.

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  1. The picture that you used for this article has been shown to be a fake, staged by Palestinians to make Israel look bad. I suggest that you not use arab propaganda pictures for your articles.

  2. By the way: the picture used with this article is a staged fake designed to prove the “suffering” of the so called “palestinians”.


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