US Condemns Tel Aviv Bus Bombing


tel-aviv-terror-attack1The United States condemned the bus bombing that injured over 20 people in Tel Aviv today and undermined attempts to mediate a ceasefire in Gaza, branding it a terrorist attack.

“These attacks against innocent Israeli civilians are outrageous,” the White House said, reaffirming Washington’s “unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security and our deep friendship and solidarity with the Israeli people”.

“The United States will stand with our Israeli allies, and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack,” it said, in a statement.

Police said the blast erupted as the bus passed behind the Kiriya, Israel’s sprawling defense ministry in the center of Tel Aviv.

Television images showed the bus with its windows blown out and its metal frame contorted from the force of the blast, in images reminiscent of scenes from the second Palestinian intifada between 2000 and 2005.

The attack came as Hamas-controlled Gaza was rocked by new Israeli air strikes and as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN chief Ban Ki-moon shuttled between Jerusalem and Ramallah trying to secure a ceasefire.

Just before the blast and after talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Ban had appealed for an immediate halt to rocket attacks on Israel.

Clinton, upon arrival in Cairo for a series of emergency meetings, including talks with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, aimed at de-escalating the crisis, also slammed the attack.

“The United States strongly condemns this terrorist attack and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the people of Israel,” she said. “The United States stands ready to provide any assistance that Israel requires.”


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  2. That’s so nice of the US – now what?
    Now we should sit down and break bread!!! I guest!
    Hey where is the UN and Monkey Moon?
    Are his slits so sealed shut that he can’t see what happened? Why hasn’t he yet condemned Israel for the bus bombing! Israel musn’t place their busses in areas that Arabs wish to bomb!


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