U.S. Military Command Hacked by ‘ISIS’

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us-central-command-hackThe Twitter account and YouTube channel for U.S. Central Command were hacked Monday by someone purporting to be aligned with ISIS, the Daily Beast reports.  Both accounts were covered in pro-ISIS propaganda, including messages warning American soldiers to “watch their back” and ISIS recruitment videos.

Nancy A. Youssef reports while there were claims in the tweets that ISIS had access to personal information, the pictures attached, which included phone directories, are available on Pentagon websites. It took about an hour for Twitter to suspend the compromised @CENTCOM account.

Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, called the hacking a “cyber prank” that didn’t compromise secure websites. The Pentagon has been in contact with Twitter and YouTube and is analyzing what was posted, Warren said.


Reports that the account had been hacked spread quickly at the Pentagon, where, within minutes, military personnel were huddled around computers watching the tweets coming in, each time with increased horror and fury.


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  1. Isis didn’t hack into the u.s. military command system. They hacked into civilian websites, which had accounts operated by the pr wing of one of tens of u.s. commands. All the “secret, personal information on military personnel” could be found on Google images or the Pentagon directory, both of which are publicly accessible. This attack could have been made by any semi-decent hacker, and the only damage done was to annoy and slightly embarass the military.


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