Vandals Damage Yerushalayim Light Rail and Har Hazeisim Kevorim


high-speed-railThe Yerushalayim light rail came under attack in two separate incidents, with vandals hurling stones at its cars as it traveled through the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat. No injuries were reported in either incident, but several of the light rail’s cars and windows were damaged.

Border policemen detained three suspects for questioning in connection with the incidents, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. In a separate incident over the weekend, vandals damaged 50 headstones in Jerusalem’s Har Hazeisim cemetery.

A police source said that some headstones were severely damaged, “as if someone had tried to shatter the entire grave.” The source said the extent of the damage indicated that the perpetrators had “spent several hours” at the cemetery.

The Har Hazeisim cemetery has been vandalized several times over the past few weeks amid an uptick in violence in Yerushalayim.


{ Israel}


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