Vegas Guard Shot By Paddock Vanishes Before TV Interviews


A union official representing the Las Vegas hotel security guard shot by Stephen Paddock before he rained gunfire on a music festival says the guard disappeared last week before he was scheduled for TV interviews.

Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America leader David Hickey said Tuesday he last heard about Jesus Campos’ whereabouts from a union member who messaged that he was with Campos.

Campos talked with police but hasn’t spoken publicly about the Oct. 1 massacre. Read more here.




  1. Obviously the CIA secretly took him to a secret airport where he was transported by a secret plane to a secret location where he’s secretly being held, so he can’t reveal the secrets he knows about the secret CIA plot that was hatched with secret organizations financed by secret individuals to secretly commit all kinds of secretive nefarious acts.

  2. Shot by Paddock? How do you know? Maybe it was the other way around and he shot Paddock and was one of the many who fired at the innocent people?

    Vanishes? like other witnesses – via CIA? via FBI?

    Does AP really believe that the public is so dumb and believe the official story they’re trying to brainwash the people?

  3. Nah. He was beamed back up to the Mother Ship, once he finished his mission on this planet.

    Aliens, I tell you. It was aliens!! From the planet Nibiru.


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