Victims Of Paris Kosher Supermarket Terror Attack To Be Buried In Israel on Tuesday



The four hostages killed in Friday’s Islamist terror attack on a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris-Yoav Hattab, 22; Yohan Cohen, 22; Philippe Braham, 45; and Fran├žois-Michel Saada, 55-will be buried in Israel. The levayos are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today acceded to the request of the families of the victims of the murderous terrorist attack at the Jewish supermarket in Paris and instructed all relevant government officials to assist in bringing them for burial in Israel,” the prime minister’s media adviser said Sunday.

In a separate statement, Netanyahu said on Motzoei Shabbos, “These attacks in Paris [on the kosher supermarket and the Charlie Hebdo magazine] are the continuation of extremist Islam’s war against our free civilization… If the world does not take action quickly, we will find this terrorism gaining momentum and increasingly striking at other centers of the free world and in other places.”


{ Israel}


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