Video: 5-Year-Olds Training In Islamic Terror Camp


kid-islam-video-al-qaeda[Video below.] An al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group has posted a video online showing about 20 children learning to fire pistols and guns in the group’s training camp. Some of the children are so small, the shock wave nearly knocks them over.

The video shows the children, some of them apparently only five-years-old, firing various weapons, including pistols, AK-47s and machine-guns, dressed in traditional Muslim attire

Ynet reports that the  Turkistan Islamic Movement operates several training camps in Pakistan and has been responsible for a series of bombing in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Since 1997, the group reportedly killed more than 150 people and injured more than 400 in terror attacks for the cause of liberating East Turkistan, an area under Chinese control officially known as Xinjiang The group’s activities are mostly directed against Chinese nationals.

A report by the human-rights group Amnesty released two months ago stated that since January 2011, at least 19 countries have been using child-soldiers. Among them are Mali, the Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Yemen.

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. UN is fighting children soldiers they claim .
    Why don’t they never mix in with muslims who school kids with arms
    and hate each day . Why is UN only talking of african child soldiers
    in Syria right now it full of them and UN shut up !

  2. Good old Amnesty up to their selective reporting again! What about the Palestinians who use children as the front line in their war with Israel.


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