Video: Palestinian Kids Harass Israeli Soldiers


palestinian-kids[Video below.] In the following video, filmed this week, Palestinian children yell at and harass Israeli soldiers as their parents and others stand around watching and taking pictures.

Click below to watch:

{ Newscenter}


  1. like barry pepper said to the nazi in saving private ryan “shut up with that pig latin” if i was there i would of tossed one of those kids over the cliff.

  2. Yossel, that’s exactly why they were doing it. They were trying to provoke the soldiers into doing something stupid then they could broadcast it to the world, showing them how awful the Israeli soldiers treat Palestinian kids.

  3. Problem is, that most of the world believes that, forgetting how they purposefully have shot at our kids for years. It’s always easier to hate Jews, for wich there is plenty of experience from former centuries.

  4. Lets admit it: The Arabs may be losing the wars on the ground, but are winning the propaganda war, which is all they need.
    Thus they can proclaim themselves winners,each time they got themselves bloody noses again.

  5. They may not have succeeded with this one, but they sure succeed to persuade the world with any other propaganda. Has the world forgotten, 9/11, the burning of trains in London and Madrid, with hundreds of victims and more? The Israelis, who finally responded to years of shelling, will again be accused of war crimes.


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