Video: Shidduch Roundtable on Oorahthon 2014


oorahthon-2014[Video below.] The following video is the Shidduch Roundtable segment from Oorah-thon 2014, which was held this past Motzoei Shabbos. The segment featured noted shadchanim Rabbi Yisrael (Freddie) Friedman and Rabbi Tzadok Katz.

Click below to watch:

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  1. thanks for posting in a player other than youtube! my filter blocks all links that are posted through youtube so i really enjoyed being able to watch this!

  2. Thank you. However, women need to give their opinions as well. This is part of the shidduch problem. It’s basically all guided by men (with males usually getting first dibs on who is out there).

  3. Crisis or not. why is it always spoken about that boys should start dating younger. true they should. but what about those that are 25 and older. they cant turn the clock back. if we keep focusing on the younger ones only than the older ones at this point will chas vshalom not get married. please anyone with some input

  4. To Number 4. Why do you assume that they do not want you to date? They are saying that ALL boys should be in the Parsha from an earlier age. Of course you should date and start a family ASAP.

  5. Ha ha. Yea there’s a crisis alright. Rabbi Freddy Friedman is on the money but Rabbi Katz makes some valid points as well.

    So help me out here. The girls are facing a crisis but were putting all the guilt and the request for change on the boys.Were telling the boys to change but were not asking the girls to do anything like wait till 21 to begin dating to balance out the age gap.


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