Video: Weiss Bakery Sells Over 35,000 Donuts During Week of Chanukah


weiss-bakery[Video below.] The world renowned Weiss Homemade Kosher Bakery in Boro Park Brooklyn sells between 35- 40,000 donuts during the week of Chanukah each year. Famous for their delicious products and superior kashrus, Weiss Bakery is the address for many frum residents of Brooklyn when it comes to baked good, including donuts on Chanukah. The following video shows owner Avrumi Weiss making his renowned donuts, providing a sneak peek at the process.

Click below to watch, courtrsy of Shiezoli:

[media id=389 width=400 height=300]

 {Noam Newscenter}


  1. stop being nasty. your right. it may sound like a paid article, but who cares. why are the only comments that people make not nice and making fun?

  2. Thats not the point. Just like when you eat something you want to know what went into it. The same when you read something you want to know if its unbiased news or an advertisement, which needs to be viewed carefully


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