Videos: 21 Kislev in Satmar


satmar-rov[Videos below.] Today, 21 Kislev, is the day on which the Satmar Rov, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l, the Divrei Yoel (1887-1979), was rescued in 1944 from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. 21 Kislev was established in Satmar as a day of shevach vehodaah to Hashem for the Rov’s hatzalah and the ultimate rebirth of Satmar chassidus.

The first video here was taken at last night’s celebration presided over by Rav Teitelbaum of Satmar.

The second video contains historical and rare footage of the Satmar Rov himself at a 21 Kislev event in 1976.

Video 1 of the Divrei Yoel in 1976:

 [media id=371 width=400 height=300]


Video 2 of Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar last night at the Steiner Complex:

[media id=375 width=400 height=300]

Video 3 of Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar last night at the Western Plaza:

[media id=376 width=400 height=300]

{Dovid Newscenter/Videos: shiezoli}


  1. the rebbes release & arrival to Switzerland was actually in January of 1945 to NEBECH the refrence DIVREI YOEL is not to his seforim but the way hes known. He also wrote AL HAGELUAH VEAL HATEMURA.

  2. How was he “rescued”? Who “rescued” him? The allies? They stormed the camp in 1944?
    Hardly. The truth is that Rudolph Kastner, a Zionist, gained his release. Perhaps a little thanks to Mr. Kastner is in order, huh?


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