Watch: Assemblyman Dov Hikind Polls Boro Park Ahead of NY Primary Elections



  1. Most people are not voting because they hate Hillary. People are busy for Pesach and parking is a disaster. Don’t expect people to go out of the way to vote for Hillary who supported the Iran deal as well as kissed Arafats wife as a thousand Jews were murdered in eretz Yisroel by this murdering Arafat. The clintons invited this murderer countless times to the White House and gave him billions of dollars. Yes between Europe and America the monster Arafat received 30 billion dollars. Let her sweat this machsheifa clinton. Vote trump if you are a registered republican but if you are a democrat stay home and clean for Pesach. Or if you want to really want nekamah vote sanders as it will make it easier in November for a pro israel republican candidate to win.


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