Watch: Does The President’s Visit To Texas Humanize Him?


Panel discusses Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey.




  1. President Trump is for the people which is why the people love him, unlike Obama who never reached out to the victims when he was in office. Now that Obama heard that Trump is going to visit the hurricane victims in Texas on Tuesday, he decided to beat him to it and go a day before to show his “compassion” after avoiding the flood victims in Louisiana that took place while he was President in Aug 2016 where 13 people died and 40,000 were left homeless. Where was Obama then? Golfing! He didn’t even both to comfort them just like he went golfing when American journalist James Foley was beheaded. Obama was for himself, for his ego and for the politicians. He was all talk no action. He never cared about the American people. He gave them some money and gifts and that was the most he did as “President” besides destroying the country.


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