Watch: Eric Shawn Reports: Give The West Bank To Jordan


Amb. John Bolton says it’s time to ‘stop playing charades’.




  1. THE ENTIRE LAND OF ISRAEL, INCLUDING YEHUDA AND SHOMRON, known as THE WEST BANK, BELONGS TO THE JEWS just like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and cannot be negotiated with. The only 2 state solution would be in Jordan and France. Israel is a tiny land for Jews only.

  2. They are just trying to wipe out 70 years of history as if its not there.
    Its called the WEST bank, as it is the west bank of Jordan. Pre-1948, when the British controlled the area, Palestine included what is now Jordan. They then gave Transjordan & the west bank of the Jordan River to (?) to call their own land. The Arabs revolted, as they did not want the Jews having any land of their own, and the rest is history.


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