Watch: Hannity: What We’re Seeing Now Is Media Malpractice


Sean Hannity outlines everything the media won’t cover about President Trump’s accomplishments.




    • One topic media: Trump is Evil/Inhuman/Unhinged.
      It’s worse than boring–it’s divisive, immoral, cynical, destructive to the fabric of the country, and untrue.

      • No President has been more divisive , immoral, cynical and destructive than Trump.

        His Muslim ban .’
        His desire to throw 10,000,000 people off of health insurance.
        His ban on LGBT people in the Military.
        His blasting of the “media”
        His insulting of everyone from fellow republicans to democrats.
        His provocation of North Korea.
        His promise to build a wall that Mexico will pay for and then forcing the US citizens to pay for it.
        His promise to build a wall that will not prevent illegal immigration.
        His constant Golf trips and vacations.
        His personal profiting from being the President and keeping all his assets.


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