Watch: Have Dems Switched Side On Anti-Immigrant Policies?


‘Green Card Warrior’ author Nick Adams explains on ‘Fox & Friends First.’




  1. Except for Alan Dershowitz and perhaps another 1 or 2 more, the Democrats are evil, intolerant and selfish. They have no problem hurting and damaging an entire country if it goes against their agenda. Let’s take President Trump’s tax reforms, for example. These wicked people loved the plan when they thought it was Bernie Sander’s idea. But when they heard it was Trump’s, they’re fighting it. The same with healthcare, the borders and wall.

    In short, the Democrats hate President Trump because they are jealous of his booming success – just the opposite of their Obama.

  2. Democrats are inherently racists. It was the Democrats who were slave owners. When will middle class white democrats start paying black folks their due reparations? How much longer will the white democrats dilly-dally around this issue???


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