Watch: Hikind Says: No More Dumping Garbage in Boro Park



  1. My clients come to me with sanitation tickets galore, yet the mounds of dumped garbage piles up all over Boro Park. Why haven’t the NYPD cameras been viewed to find who is doing the dumping. Hikind made a big deal when he obtained state funding for them. Moreover, why is the state assemblyman taking the lead on something which should be the purview of the local councilman.

  2. Mr. Hikind you are 100% correct. However you should also  reign in these over zealous sanitation cops who give out these tickets. Why is the store getting a ticket when its obvious its not their garbage. Last Shabbos I saw a sanitation cop put a ticket on a store on 13th avenue. I was curious as what the ticket was for as everything looked fine. The cop wrote garbage put out for collection on wrong day I looked and saw a small bag on the curb between two newspaper boxes. It was obvious someone dropped it there from a car. This week a few houses on my block got a dirty sidewalk ticket including mine. you would think there was a landfill here. I personally clean my sidewalk every morning before I go daven at 700 when I came back a 810 there was a one page flyer from a local supermarket and a strip of brown tape fluttering on the sidewalk. For this I got a $100 ticket.


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