Watch: Obama-Era Controversies In The Crosshairs


As special counsel Robert Mueller investigates the Podesta Group in a separate Russia matter, House Republicans on Tuesday launched new probes into the Obama-era Uranium One deal and the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email case.




  1. After the Panama Paper journalist who revealed Hillary’s massive money laundering and exposed her connection with Podesta and Russia was car bombed about 10 days ago, no journalist is ready to report on the uranium scandal and be the next one on the Clinton Body Count list.

  2. If only Hillary had enough wisdom and grace to bow out, once she lost, even if the current government knew about these scandals, it may have chosen to overlook them, for the sake of keeping the country together. However, the loser insisted on remaining sore, and refused to leave the limelight, thereby basically ensuring these new investigations. She may end up losing her freedom in the process, as well. At the very least, her innermost wish to be in the history books may become a reality, albeit not in the way that she wanted. The fallout may also end up implicating her husband, her former boss, with his worthless legacy, and many other people close to the throne.

  3. Of course Adam Schiff helped Obama and Holder silence the investigation. Schiff is a little weisel who is petrified of being called the dreaded RACIST word!!! He still covers up for team Obama. Its only, oh those Russians and Trump. Adam Schiff is an evil man and its because of low character people like him that people hate politicians.


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