Web Page Set Up to Help Talmidim of Yeshiva D’Rockland After Blaze



[Working link below.] Spring Valley, NY – As reported last week by Matzav.com., a blaze destroyed the building and dormitory of Rav Sholom Zimmerman’s yeshiva, Yeshiva D’Rockland, at about noon on Thursday.

The fire broke out at the corner of East Funston Drive and Route 45 in Spring Valley, cauing extensive damage to the buildings and the possessions of the talmidim.

A webpage has been set up to help the bochurim with purchasing clothing and basic needs lost in the fire. To assist, CLICK HERE.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. there is no link to the “click here” page. can you repost thank you. this is a very chashuve yeshiva R’ Zimmerman is a talmid of R’ Elya Chaim Swerdloff of Paterson.


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