What Commitment Did Shwekey Take Upon Himself After Protective Edge?


shwekeySinger Yaakov Shwekey sang for a large group of Chareidi soldiers at the Jordan Valley, who danced as he told them of a special commitment he took upon himself after Operation Protective Edge.

Last Thursday, Shwekey surprised the Nachal Chareidi recruits at the Peles training base in the Jordan Valley. He sang for 200 Chareidi soldiers, accompanied by a few musicians.

Towards the end of the impromptu concert, Shwekey performed a special rendition of his song “Vehi She’amdah,” while the Chareidi soldiers joined in at the chorus and sang with him.

During the performance, Shwekey told the soldiers, “After the last military operation, I accepted upon myself that in every performance, I will dedicate a song to the soldiers, and it is my custom ever since to do so in every performance.”

The training base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Aryeh Shchori, course commander Aryeh Elbaz and the Nachal Chareidi foundation rabbis participated in the event, organized by the Nachal Chareidi Foundation and coordinated by Daniel Pro, who represents Shwekey in Israel.shwekey IMG_2923 IMG_3082 IMG_3112 IMG_3142 IMG_3201 IMG_3228

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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