White House Chief Of Staff: Israel’s ‘Occupation’ Of Disputed Territories ‘Must End’


denis-mcdonoughContinuing the wave of Obama administration criticism of Israel following Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s re-election, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Monday called for the end of Israel’s “occupation” of the disputed territories.

“An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have the right to live in and govern themselves in their own sovereign state,” McDonough said at the J Street lobby’s annual conference in Washington, DC.

Despite the fact that Netanyahu has reaffirmed his support for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes a Jewish state, McDonough focused on pre-election comments in which the prime minister had apparently disavowed a two-state solution. Netanyahu later clarified that it was the reality on the ground that had changed, not his position on the issue.

“After the election, the prime minister said that he had not changed his position, but for many in Israel and in the international community, such contradictory comments call into question his commitment to a two-state solution. … We cannot simply pretend that those [pre-election] comments were never made,” McDonough said.

The chief of staff’s remarks follow post-election criticism by White House and State Department spokespeople, and then by Obama himself, of Netanyahu’s pre-election comments on a Palestinian state and Israeli Arab voters. Obama told The Huffington Post that his administration would “evaluate” its “options” in the Middle East after Netanyahu’s comments on a two-state solution.


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  1. I demand the u.s. Return all land except the original 13 colonies to the native americans. An occupation that has lasted for almost 400 years must end, and the native american people must have the right to live in and govern themselves in their own sovereign state

  2. Israel is NOT “occupying” Palestinian land. The Land of Israel was given to them thousands of years ago by Hashem when they left Egypt (or even before).

    The “real” Palestinian land is occupied by “Jordan” which is where all Palestinians lived until Jordan threw them out.

    So Mr. White House Dictator – butt out !!!!!

  3. If I could take a stab at it, I would say that Obama is either a completely immature sore loser (he wouldn’t be the first prez to hold a grudge, but he might be the best at it), a complete ignoramus (ditto on the parentheses), or wants to create some legacy of his floundering presidency. And I am not leaving out the possibility that all of the above are true with perhaps a couple of more explanations. To harp on what Bibi said with such a deep-seeded determination to make Bibi out to be an evil leader, in the face of all the Palestinian terror, is nauseating. Bibi likes to quote the Lubavitcher Rebbe (many other Gedolei Torah said similar remarks), ztz”l that the UN is full of lies. Barak Hussein seems to be headed for the same treachery.

  4. Number 1 is completely wrong (although I got a good laugh). In Israel’s case the UN “gave” the Jews the land along with the Arabs but the Arabs were dissatisfied with the deal so they attacked Israel. Once attacked Israel was involved in defense. It’s still called defense when giving back the land means giving it to bloodthirsty fundamentalists. In America’s case the War of Independence was a fight from the imperialists. In Israel’s case the War of Independence is a misnomer. We already had independence granted to us by the UN, but the arabs couldn’t live with us. They claim ignorance (at best) when it comes to Hashem’s plan, but even according to these hooligans 2+2=4.

  5. Hasn’t the world since its beginning had a rule that the victor in war gets the spoils of the loser!!
    Aren’t we going to celebrate Pesach next week where we were victorious over the Egyptians and we got to “KEEP” their spoils of war? Has world views over time changed when Mr. Hussein Obama became President?
    Is America giving land back to the Indians?
    And the antisemitic world just buys this diatribe!
    The world is falling apart rapidly,ie. ISIS, Russia/Ukraine etc. and all they’re preoccupied with is Israel! No outcry anymore about Russia taking Donetsk and its surroundings from Ukraine just several months ago!!
    They hate us!
    They hate us!
    They hate us!

  6. But the killing of American Border patrol agent, Brian Terry, because of the reckless endangerment by the corrupt US Attorney General, Eric Holder, gets swept under the rug?!!!! Holder should be thrown in a max prison, not be living off the fat of the land, the dumb stupid taxpayers!


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