White House Disbands Infrastructure Advisory Council


A White House advisory council on infrastructure Thursday became the latest casualty of the pique of business leaders over President Donald Trump’s response to the hate-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Two other outside corporate advisory groups were disbanded Wednesday after an exodus of business leaders upset with Trump’s controversial statements about shared blame for last weekend’s violent protests involving white supremacists.

On Thursday, the White House announced that the President’s Council on Infrastructure, which it said “was still being formed,” would not move forward, meeting the same fate as the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum.

Shortly after taking office in January, Trump tapped two Manhattan real estate developers, Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth, to head up a council aimed at guiding Trump’s promised $1 trillion infusion into roads, bridges, airports and other aging infrastructure.

An executive order formally establishing the group was not issued until last month. The White House indicated that slots were still being filled on the 15-member council, which was to include experts on real estate, finance, construction, transportation and other areas.

Trump said via Twitter on Wednesday that he was shutting down the other two advisory councils to “avoid putting pressure on the businesspeople” to remain on board, but momentum was already moving in that direction.

The Trump administration has put forward the outlines of an infrastructure package but not formally unveiled its full plans for Congress. The initiative has been waiting in line behind Trump’s legislative pushes on health care and tax reform, both of which have stalled.

On Tuesday, while in New York, Trump signed an executive order related to one aspect of his infrastructure-related ambitions: dramatically reducing the permitting time for new highways.

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