White House: Senate Probe Into Franken Allegations ‘Appropriate’


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday it would be “appropriate” for the Senate to investigate allegations made against Sen. Al Franken.


“On Sen. Franken, it appears that the Senate is looking into that, which they should, and we feel that that’s an appropriate action,” she said at the first White House press briefing since President Donald Trump returned from a diplomatic trip to Asia. Read more at POLITICO.



  1. I agree. This should be investigated and that pig should be kicked out of the Senate and stripped of his taxpayer funded pension.

  2. This is totally a disgrace. Let it be further said that this man was raised among the REFORM. He has no probability of Torah study, no father to discuss faith and no rabbi other than a farcical reform dead beat cleric. In all thought, I never liked Al Franken and I am a liberal democrat, but even that he was on the senate and had a vote.

    If we want to really rule out the most heinous of the worst, lets point a good finger right at the church of reform judaism and all that hates Torah. This is a man whom had he been in a Torah community might have had other possibilities and certainly would never have interacted with a gentile for sex or even any other situation. Maybe he would not have run for a senate seat but it certainly could have been more intelligent.

    We are at a total loss with reform. Al Franken is their result.

    A total disgrace and he should indeed be removed from office. The photo is too unjust to history.

    Scared to think this is how we will live but Hashem is making us ever more careful in our future with all that is heretical and secular. It fails.


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