WikiLeaks Blames ‘Jewish Pro-Censorship Lobby’ for Legitimizing Attacks on Charlie Hebdo


assange-wikileaksBy S. Ghermezian

The official Twitter account of WikiLeaks on Thursday blamed what it is called a “Jewish pro-censorship lobby” for justifying attacks on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in response to the magazine’s “‘offensive’ speech.”

In an attempt to back its claim, WikiLeaks linked back to a 2009 report by The Telegraph about Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Maurice Sinet facing charges of anti-Semitism in a French court. Sinet, who was 80 at the time, was charged over a column suggesting that Jean Sarkozy, the son of then French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was converting to Judaism for financial reasons.

Charlie Hebdo editor Philippe Val fired Sinet after he refused to apologize for his piece. The Telegraph noted that the decision to fire Sinet was backed by Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy.

“Mr Val’s decision to fire Siné (the pen name of Maurice Sinet) was backed by a group of eminent intellectuals, including the philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy, but parts of the libertarian Left defended him, citing the right to free speech,” the article stated.

WikiLeaks posted the Twitter comment a day after Wednesday’s terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris in which 12 people were murdered, including a Jewish cartoonist, Georges Wolinski.

The organization, which leaks state secrets and was founded by Julian Assange, a fugitive who has been living at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, also posted on Twitter the following: “The notion that offending religious groups is unlawful contributes to a climate where those without legal connections make their own police.” It then lashed out at the US, claiming that it allows attacks on journalists.

“US ‘fatwas’ against journalists create a climate where attacks on journalists are seen as acceptable,” WikiLeaks wrote. “The US continues to drone and prosecute journalists.”

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