Will You Make A Difference This Purim?


-Communicated- There’s an underlying frenzy, as the crowds on the streets of Jerusalem weave in and out, from the wine store to the costume store, around the groceries and market stalls. But on Hamisgar 4, a small side street, the bustle is of a different sort. There, in the warehouse of Tov V’chesed, a massive “chalikah” is taking place as thousands upon thousands of boxes are being readied to send out to anticipating children across Israel.

Volunteers are loading up 17 trucks with boxes. Each box is filled with food for a Purim meal along with extra treats and goodies to bring a smile to the children’s faces.

Tov V’chesed’s long time founder, Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Shisha’s only mission is to ensure that no child suffers what he himself did as a child. He remembers, “As a kid, we waited for my father’s talmidim to bring Mishloach Manos so that we would be able to repackage it and send it to our friends and neighbors.”

As Purim arrives, thousands of children will be enjoying the happiest day of the year like their peers. Meanwhile, Rabbi Shisha and Tov V’chesed volunteers will visit poor and orphaned families to hand-deliver MatanosL’evyonim. As they enter each home they dispel the darkness in the room, leaving smiles and joy in their wake.

You can still sponsor a Purim meal for a child or MatanosL’evyonim for an impoverished family. Call 845-517-0656 or visit www.tovvchesed.com/purim to donate now.

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