Women “For” the Wall Decries Proposal for “National Monument” at the Kosel


women-kosel-smallYerushalayim – Women for the Wall, a new grassroots organization concerned with the sanctity of the Western Wall, has called upon Israeli Reform leader and activist Anat Hoffman, Chair of Women of the Wall, to withdraw her proposal to dismantle the place of worship at the Kosel and transform it into a “national monument.” Ronit Peskin, Director of Women for the Wall, stated, “The Western Wall is a place of daily prayer and worship, not merely a relic of our past. It is not our Lincoln Memorial, but a sacred space for all Jews.”

In a speech in Florida last week, Hoffman unveiled a radical proposalto “allow” prayers only prior to 9 AM and after 3 PM, replacing the place of worship with “an open national monument” for the bulk of each day. Peskin asked, “What about the hundreds of thousands who come at all hours of the day and night to pray at the Wall – are they to be told that during these hours that they cannot have a sanctuary in which to pray?”

Under Hoffman’s direction, the Women of the Wall have spearheaded a campaign to impose changes in Jewish tradition at the ancient Holy Site. They have flouted rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court and accepted local practice, creating tensions at the Wall. In response, former refusenik and Chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky laid out a compromise scenario, involving creation of a larger space at the Wall for non-traditional prayer. Hoffman first announced that she would accept the compromise, which has also been endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but then outlined her much more radical vision during her Florida appearance.

Peskin noted, “For years they have been saying they just want to pray, but now it seems their true intention is to transform the Wall and remove its religious
significance. This calls their previous statements into serious question.”

Peskin requested of leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements, who have historically backed the Women of the Wall and their efforts to force change upon those who stream to the Wall daily for prayer, that they repudiate Hoffman’s latest proposal. She asked, “Could any religious leader tolerate the conversion of a vibrant place of prayer into a stagnant museum?”

Women for the Wall is a grassroots organization of women concerned for the sanctity of the Kosel and objecting to the imposition of political struggles in a place of prayer.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Women of the Wall are NOT a grass roots organization. Their roots are ambivalence and destruction. The reality is that they are really a toadstool roots organization.

  2. Accepting that Israel is a democracy and not a religious state, I struggle in our conversations to understand how Israel can justify maintaining a frum standard when other citizens want to daven in the way they always do.

  3. Oh neat. I did not catch that it is Women FOR the Wall. What a great idea. I hope they have a charity. I would send a few dollars their way.

  4. Finally!Kol HaKavod to Ms. Peskin!I’ve wanted to start such a group to fight the radical feminists agenda to disrupt our prayers.The Kotel is a synagogue and we daven there the same way Jews have been davening for thousands of years.Everyone,even nonjews can pray there if they follow the rules.We don’t need women of the wall,hare krisna’s ,missonary christian singing,etc.in a free-for-all,do-whatever-you- want madness!
    I’m joining Women For the Wall!

  5. Just the permanent existence of a group like Women FOR the Wall is a good way to document the audacity of the evil of the Women “of” the Wall.

  6. These are evil witches. Their war against H’ and His people will only backfire on them, as has been with all who have tried through the millenia. They are just puppets doing their job of trying to destroy Yiddishkeit, especially in Eretz HaKodesh. It fits in with all the other mischief being done now in the medinah against religious Jewry. These are difficult times, part of chevlai Moshiach.

  7. Thank you so much for your support. If you want to be updated on what we do as an organization, and contribute and make a difference, check out our facebook page entitled “Women For The Wall” or our website WomenForTheWall.org
    We have the support of the gedolei yisrael, among them the Gerrer Rebbe and Rav Chaim Kanievsky.


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