World-Wide Event Provides Inspiration to Take Home


Participants to Receive Chofetz Chaim Portrait

 A portrait of the rare image of the Chofetz Chaim, which first emerged two years ago in historic newsreel footage, is being given out to thousands of Jews around the world who attend this year’s Choftez Chaim Heritage Foundation World-Wide Tisha B’Av Event.

The awe-inspiring image of the humble, revered Torah figure stirred Klal Yisrael’s collective heart when it emerged in footage that showed the Chofetz Chaim walking among other Gedolim of the era. This beautiful image has been turned into an inspiring portrait, suitable for framing.

“We hope that people will hang this portrait in a place where it will provide continuous encouragement in Shmiras Haloshon and Ahavas Yisrael,” said a CCHF spokesman. “We want everyone who attends the Tisha B’Av Event to have this powerful inspiration to take home.”



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