WOW Air Kashrus Confusion


Alerted by tipoffs from passengers, the OK hechsher issued a warning that economy airline WOW Air was displaying “an unauthorized OK kosher symbol on their menus for flights departing from Tel Aviv.”

Religious flyers reported that the airline was advertising Gouda sandwiches, Greek salads and Mediterranean sandwiches as kosher with the OK symbol.

WOW Air subsequently told Chadrei Chareidim that no deception was intended.

“WOW Air offers kosher food only on its Tel Aviv- Reykjavik/Iceland flights,” the company said. “From there, people change to a continuing flight to the U.S. The food is provided by the TMM company which has an Israeli hechsher.

As for the OK symbol, it was only meant to represent the word kosher. The airline said it would make a clearer differentiation in future.

{ Israel}



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