Yehuda Glick Released from the Hospital


yehuda-glick3Yehuda Glick, a promoter of Jewish access to the Har Habayis who was shot and seriously wounded by a Palestinian terrorist from eastern Yerushalayim in late October, has been released from the hospital.

The motorcycle-riding gunman, Islamic Jihad activist Moatez Hijazi, shot Glick outside of a Yerushalayim conference and was later shot dead by Israeli police.

Upon being released from Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Glick praised the medical staff there.

“The terrorist who shot me said, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m shooting you because you defile [the] Al-Aqsa [mosque.’ But someone who shoots another person in the name of Al-Aqsa, he is the one who defiles Al-Aqsa. And he who treats another person at a hospital, he is the one who respects Islam,” Glick said.

“The Muslim doctors and nurses that work in the hospital are the ones who respect their religion, and not the man who shot me,” he added.


{ Israel}


  1. As we celebrate Mr Glick’s miraculous recovery let us also hope that he realizes that his activities have put him and countless other Jews in danger.

    The Arabs need only the slightest push to ignite their hate in to a frenzy of killing. By defying the explicit warning of the Gedolei HaDor, including Rav Kook!, who have warned us not to incite the wrath of the Arabs, Mr Glick and his ilk have crossed a most serious red line.

    As the Novominsker Rebbe so eloquently said at the Agudah Convention: “There are better places to daven! Have rachmanus on yourselves and on us all…Stay off the Har HaBayis!!”

  2. B”H he is going to be alright. I just hope the Rabbonim speak to him and let him know that he shouldn’t go on to the Har Habayis and endanger himself as well as the rest of the Yidden.


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