Yehudah Glick to Serve as Muslims’ Ramadan Guest in Turkey


yehuda-glickTemple Mount activist Yehudah Glick is currently in Istanbul, Turkey, meeting with Muslim religious leaders, Turkish politicians, and media, and joining as an honored guest in celebrations of the month-long holiday of Ramadan.

Tonight, Glick will join representatives of different religions at a large ceremony celebrating the traditional break-fast meal of iftar, which is eaten each night at the conclusion of the daily Ramadan fast.

Glick, the founder of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, survived an assassination attempt in October by a Islamic terrorist who opposed his activities on the Temple Mount. His stated mission in Turkey is to join with Muslim religious leaders in denouncing violence in the name of religion.

Glick supports visiting the Har Habayis despite the fact that the leading gedolim and poskim of this and the previous generation forbade doing so under all circumstances.

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  1. He is a lot more twisted then I thought he was… it’s amazing to what lengths people are willing to go just for a little attention.

  2. is the food at the break of the fast kosher? does he still keep kosher? who are his body guards that no muslim tries to get him? does he still consider himself orthodox or is he more like mr. avi Weiss who just got kicked off the RCA?


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