Yerushalayim Mayor: “I Don’t Know of Any City in the World Whose Regulator Is the U.S. President”


barkatYerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat expressed support on Monday for the government’s plan to build 3,000 additional housing units in the E1 section between Yerushalayim and Ma’ale Adumim.

“We need to connect the E1 area to Jerusalem without any reservations at all, even with the world pressuring us not to do so….I don’t know of any city in the world whose regulator is the U.S. president.”

“When the world talks about a freeze in Jerusalem, I ask, a freeze on what? On the billions we invest in east Jerusalem? Should we stop construction for Arabs, Christians or Jews? Or does someone mean that when an entrepreneur approaches me, I should, heaven forbid, ask him what religion he subscribes to so he can receive a permit to build in Jerusalem? That would be horrendous and it negates even U.S. law.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Lets make a deal. If Israel ceased asking for 3 billion a year , plus military aid and a host of other things, then maybe Israel would have the right to tell the US to stay out of its business. But until then, beggars cant be choosers

  2. Sorry, #’s 3 and 6.
    Egypt gets a ton of aid from the US.
    So do the Palestinians.
    Israel is not alone in that respect – but it is alone in that the US interferes with Israel policy decisions far more than it does with any other country to whom it gives aid.

    There is another misconception here. The US needs Israel as an ally just as much as Israel needs the US. Israel is the US’s only consistent ally in the Middle East.


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