Young Israel Decries Failed U.S. Policy Relating to the Palestinian Authority’s Incitement of Terror


young israelThe following is a statement from the National Council of Young Israel:

“We are deeply disturbed by the suggestion that there is any sort of moral equivalency between the deadly terror attacks being carried out by Palestinian Arabs against innocent Israelis and Israel’s attempt to protect its people. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ incitement of terror in Israel, including his outrageous claim that Israel had ‘executed’ a Palestinian Arab terrorist, when, in fact, he was receiving medical treatment in an Israeli hospital, has encouraged further violence and is a blood libel against Israel.

“In addition to resulting in multiple stabbings, shootings and stoning attacks, Mr. Abbas’ provocation also likely led to the ISIS-like attack by a Palestinian Arab mob on Joseph’s Tomb, a holy religious site. Joseph’s Tomb, whose acquisition by the Jewish forefather Jacob is documented in the Bible in the book of Genesis, has been the target of many attacks by Palestinian Arabs over the years and its religious significance is apparently inconsequential to the terrorists who continue to defile it.

“In light of Mr. Abbas’ incendiary remarks and false allegations that have led to more people being killed and injured, we call upon the United States to sanction the Palestinian Authority for its vigorous incitement by reducing their foreign aid and downgrading their diplomatic status. The lack of substantive action by the United States to halt the Palestinian incitement which has led to far too many Israeli deaths is inexcusable. While public calls of condemnation are important, it is not enough. The United States must reassess its failed policies relating to the Palestinian Authority and commit to taking material and meaningful steps to end the deadly incitement and curb the violence.

“We are urging our branch synagogues and our members to call and email the White House and their congressional representatives and exhort them to take immediate action on this important issue.”

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