TRAGEDY IN MODIIN ILLIT: Baby Dies After Being Forgotten In Car

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A six-month-old baby boy died Monday afternoon, after he was forgotten in a car in the city of Modiin Illit in central Israel.

MDA and United Hatzalah emergency first responders were called to the scene to treat the child after he had been taken out of the car some hours after being left there. The child was evacuated by ambulance to Assaf Harofe Hospital, where he was declared dead.

United Hatzalah’s Psychtrauma and Crisis Response Unit was dispatched to help the family members cope with the emotional turmoil resulting from the incident.

“We ask that parents always follow the safety procedures regarding vehicles and infants in cars,” United Hatzalah said in a statement Monday.

“Never leave an infant or small child unattended in a car, not even for a second and always make sure that no one is left in a vehicle by themselves when leaving the car. It is recommended that pedestrians keep an eye out for children inside parked cars, especially during the hot summer months, and if you see something please call for emergency help in an effort to avoid tragedies from occurring.”

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    • even if that were true, how many were saved?!?
      All I noticed from all these constant comments regardless of the topic is that anti-vaxxers are one track minded.

      • Anonymous 11:05 warped minded vs. close-minded ignorant fool. I bet you don’t even know that hundreds of thousands have been protesting this week in California against the deadly vaccines that the government is imposing on its citizens.

  1. Anonymous 12:50,

    You know that this kid died of vaccination? or that he/she just died a week later? Were you privy of the autopsy, or are you just blindly accusing vaccination that you are, obviously, oblivious of.

    Don’t propose circumstances as actual facts until you can enlighten all of us of the true origins.

  2. The lunatic anti Vaxxers are coming out of the woodworks like rodents. Matzav gives them a forum for their insane rants.

  3. I just want to suggest an idea if you have children always to leave your windows open especially when driving so when you arrive somewhere and forgot a child it could save a life and not to worry of people stealing from car if it could save a life!!


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