$10 Million Campaign Launched To Protect Montreal Jews

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Canadian Jews are looking to raise $10 million to provide security to communal institutions in Montreal.

The Federation CJA, one of Canada’s largest Jewish organizations, said it has partnered with 31 Jewish institutions as part of its Community Security Network initiative and hired an outside firm to help develop strategies for protecting the community, the Canadian Jewish News reported Tuesday. The new strategy will focus on surveillance technology.

In July, new crime data released by Statistics Canada showed that Canadian Jews remained the most targeted minority group for hate crimes in the country for the third year in a row, though there was a 4 percent decrease.

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  1. 10 mil might buy a few security guards, but it won’t buy security, as the security guards will flee if things get dangerous – just like in FL school shooting. Some shul goers and yeshiva rebbies should get firearms training and should have access to firearms. A few strategically placed fingerprint-safes containing loaded handguns seems as a good balance between immediate availability and accidental discharge prevention.

  2. Ownership of concealed weapons, I think, is not legal in Canada. However, not so, for hunting rifles. This was the case when I was growing up in Montreal; years ago. The laws regarding the carrying of concealed handguns, may have since changed.

    It is interesting to note, that the Torah, going back to Biblical times, has condoned, and encouraged, a Jew to be physically armed, in addition to his trust in G-D to protect him.

    See Rashi’s comment on Exodus (Beshalach); 13:18. See also, Joshua; 1:14.

    Bottom line; A Jew should be ‘armed’ with: (1) faith & trust in G-D; (2) physically armed, as well.


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