12-Year-Old Palestinian Terrorist Granted Early Release

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Israel’s youngest jailed terrorist, 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi, who was caught with a knife outside the West Bank community of Karnei Tzur near Chevron and confessed in a plea bargain agreement that she intended to kill Jews, was released at the request of her parents after her already reduced sentence of four-and-a-half months was cut by another six weeks.

She received a hero’s welcome upon her return to the West Bank. Music blared and drivers honked in the streets. A welcoming committee included PA governor of Tulkarem, Abu Bakr, who stated, “The detention of children is a crime against humanity.” Bakr also accused Israel of practicing “the ugliest means of suppression and torture against Palestinian children.”

Haaretz reports that between late September and early February, the number of imprisoned Palestinian minors under 16 spiked from 27 to 103 and included five minors under the age of 15. To fight juvenile terror, Israel introduced a fine of 100,000 shekels on parents of minors caught throwing stones at civilians and security, and has suspended social welfare payments to Israeli families of minors serving prison sentences. The incarceration age for terror offenses has been lowered from 14 to 12.

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  1. Not even a slap on the wrist. Not even a referral to child protection services – this Arab girl is clearly endangered by her community, and should be taken away to where she won’t be brainwashed into killing and being killed. The judenrat would never release a Jewish kid who would want to hurt Arabs. This is not just a glitch – it’s a well planned treasonous attempt by the elitist judenrat to undermine the Jewish community in Eretz Isroel.

  2. Yes I agree that CPS should have been involved, but how exactly could that have been done? She is not an Israeli citizen. Her family back in the entity demand she is returned to them. It may be argued this is not in her best interest, and the entity is not a full-fledged country with treaties on how to settle disputes about children, but it would not be particularly easy to find Arab Muslims who are willing to foster parent her in Israel, nor would the girl accept any such arrangement. Unfortunately I can not see feasible options.

    • Your argument has a number of holes: Israel has certain – perhaps voluntarily accepted – responsibilities to even non citizens as an occupying power; therefore this poor psychotic Arab girl should be taken away by CPS in the spirit of humanity and goodness. Second, who said she must be placed with Muslims – perhaps being placed with Jews would be a greater benefit to the child, perhaps she needs to be institutionalized all together. Third, since when did the judenrat care about some legalities when they desire to persecute the Jews; why all soft when dealing with Arabs?! If the child services – in the spirit of caring for children’s rights of course – were to take away children from the dangerous islamonazi brainwashing environment, not only would the terrorism stop, but Arabs would finally understand that we mean business, and would move away.

  3. But Jews are locked up forever. Arab murderers are released even for no reason of exchange. Kahanes grandson is sitting eight months with no charges and was not allowed to attend his first sons bris.


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