Ted Cruz’s Father: America Was Founded on the Torah

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Following Ted Cruz ‘s victory in the Wisconsin primary yesterday, a pro-Israeli group, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), released a video of Ted’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, speaking at a recent PJTN gala dinner.

Rafael says that “foundation of America and the American Constitution was the Torah” and “Israel is the only country in the world with a title deed from the Almighty.”




  1. I am APPALLED that matzav has posted this garbage. Some goy says America was founded on the Torah and you swoon like 12 year olds

    Do you have ANY real idea what this man (and his son) believe? Do you understand that when he says “Torah” he doesn’t mean what you and I mean. This pentacostal speaking in tongues whackjob believes America is a Xtian land that must be run according to xtian law — that is THEIR bizarro-world understanding of Torah based on their comic book “new testament” — schools, media, government, business, everything. What is more, he believes that his son has been chosen by their god to run this xtian theocracy that will catapult the world to their version of the end times wherein all of us Jews get one last chance to accept yoshke as our king or die in fiery holocaust!

    Don’t take my word for any of this: google the words “ted cruz dominion theology” (or “dominionism”). I am a life long republican. I got in a fight with a kid in the 5th grade because I liked Nixon and he liked Humphrey. I have voted in every election cycle since 1976 and in all that time I voted ONCE for a democrat (it was for congress and in my district the democrat was going to win anyway). I have never once considered a candidates faith as a factor in deciding whom to vote for but this man’s beliefs frighten me and they should frighten all of you as well. So much so that if c”v Ted Cruz gets the republican nomination, I will vote democrat for president for the first time in my life.

    • He is a known anti Semite that said a big evil slander of Israel claiming they killed 10,000 Palestinians when the number was much less and also were enemy combatants. He is also married to a shiksa. He is as far from favorable for the Jews as can be imagined except for Hillary.

  2. Please consider israel every inch is torah. Or stay in your little apartment in Brooklyn. These goyinm only care about themselves. Don’t be scared meet me at the koysel.

  3. Voter who votes… who would you prefer? The criminal, orange-is-the-new-pantsuit, Clinton who sold influence for billions and whose husband is a serial rapist that she covered-up for? How about the Jew-in-name-only communist Sanders who spent his honeymoon in the anti-semitic Soviet Union and wants to take all your stuff and give it to people who won’t work, funding it all by driving America an additional 10 trillion into debt? Perhaps you prefer lyin’ Ted who wants to run America from top to bottom, not just the government but ALL aspects of life, as a xtian theocracy?

    Choices in life aren’t always perfect good-vs-bad. Sometimes it’s bad vs. worse.

  4. Quaint story.

    I suppose that the reality is that if G-d is blessed in America and America is one nation under G-d, the formation of the future which is egalitarian is a blessing that came from the Mosaic expressions of Torah law that eventually lead others into a better future. Still, Torah is not the constitution and no one can think that being in a nation with laws avoids the idea that other laws which are true to human activity and worth can be thought to be anything different than G-d doing his work to keep the human experience human.

    Still, I will not vote Ted Cruz. He is not a man who supports my faith in G-d or my belief that the evangelical calling is a Israel experience for my prayers.

    G-d bless America. What a funny concept.


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