18-Year-Old Tischler “Disappointed” with David Greenfield for Knocking Him Off Ballot, Denying His Dream

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tischlerAbraham Tischler, who excited the media and the people of the 44th Council District with his energetic campaign to become the youngest member of the New York City Council, threw his support behind Joe Lazar today and urged his supporters to do the same. Tischler wasted no time in announcing his endorsement of Lazar, doing so less than 24 hours after he was knocked off the ballot in a court case brought by one of the other candidates’ in the race, David Greenfield.

“I think it’s indisputable that Joe Lazar is the most qualified candidate in this race,” said Tischler. “But even more importantly, Joe Lazar is a man of great character and integrity, who is genuinely interested in the concerns of young people like me. Although I am disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to fulfill my dream of competing in the Special Election on March 23rd, I am heartened by the fact that the 44th Council District will have a leader of Joe Lazar’s wisdom and strength to represent us.”

Tischler, a sophomore at Touro College and active volunteer in the community, also made a point of expressing his feelings about his former opponent David Greenfield. “It was a hard lesson for me to learn that there are people who run for office who want to win so badly they’ll stoop to any trick in the book to get rid of their competition,” explained Tischler. “I was really angry at first when David knocked me off the ballot, but ultimately I realized my father was right and that it was better to pity David and hope that he sees the error of his ways one day. We don’t need more conflict in our community. We need achdus [Hebrew for “unity”]. That’s why I’m supporting Joe Lazar.”

“I am so thankful that this election has given me the opportunity to become acquainted with Abraham Tischler,” said Joe Lazar. “He is an exceptionally bright and capable young man, who has already distinguished himself for his dedication to our community. I know that Abraham wants to spend the coming years completing his studies, but it is my hope that he will still have the time to share his insights with me on youth issues when I am elected.”

Lazar added that he was certain that Tischler had a remarkable future ahead of him. “Let it be clear. Today is not the end of Abraham Tischler’s career in politics. It’s the beginning.”

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  1. Tischler apparently doesn’t realize that Lazar challenged his signatures as well. I imagine that makes his endorsement of Lazar all the more hartzig.

  2. Perhaps Tischler was put in the race and/or encouraged by Lazar’s side in the first place to split those who wouldn’t vote for him?

  3. Its seems to me that Greenfield is afraid of looking too juvenile being lumped together with all the other little kids in the race, the problem is that now he looks like a big playground bully and that has cost him the election. Now, not only does he look childish, he looks dirty too.

  4. I don’t know who will be better in city council, Lazar or Greenfield. I do know Mr. Lazar, I am impressed with the honorable way you have carried yourself during this campaign. You come across as a really nice person and that is exactly your reputation. Hatzlacha whatever happens on the 23rd.

  5. My sons, from two differnt yeshivos, came home with letters saying that it is a chiyuv to vote for Dovid Greenfield and that he has actually brought money directly to the yeshivos. There was a sign hanging in my shule, signed by my Rov saying the same thing.

  6. I think it’s time for people to start reviewing the laws of Loshon Hora, Motzi Shaim Ra, and Onaas Devorim. We as Jewish people should show other politicians that we don’t talk againt other candidates. Everyone let’s remember everything that happens to us, is from HASHEM and the people who you think did something against you is really a shaliach from Hashem and there isn’t any reason to be upset with them. Keeping that in mind let us all live together in peace without harmful comments.

  7. Lakewood Minyan in BP,

    You post the same drivel every where you can. Enough all ready.

    I saw this suggestion somewhere and I am posting it here because it makes sense.

    People stop reading opinions and possible false statements in blog comments.

    Take the time to speak to the leaders of your childrens yeshivos and whichever mosdos you are part of.

    Ask them who they are backing and why. Then make your own decision.

    Get the facts not the hype!


  8. #3 its not a perhaps that Lazar group supported Tischler in order to split the votes, I personally know of a store owner on 13th ave. who was asked by the Lazar campaign to post a Lazar poster on his storefront and when he refused that same guy handed him a Tischler poster and asked to hang it up.


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